Uncontested Divorce

You can save money with an uncontested divorce. Without children or substantial assets, you and your spouse can have your divorce prepared by our attorney, filed, and finalized within Georgia (see our map) for as little as $2,000. Children and additional considerations for things such as marital assets may cost a little more. Compared to legal fees ranging from $3,000-$10,000 per person for a contested divorce, this could be a big advantage for those who want a divorce without conflict.

Couple holding happy photos with unhappy ones in a film strip behind.
Divorce doesn’t have to be a drama.

Who is eligible?

Uncontested divorces are for couples who are in substantial agreement about the terms of their divorce. They have discussed and agreed to the distribution of property, custody (when children are involved), and other points of contention. If there are minor areas of concern, we guide our clients by providing alternatives and suggesting the most likely outcome if they were to appear in their local court before a judge.

How does it work?

In single-party representation, one spouse is the client and the other spouse is without representation. Under this relationship, the couple has generally agreed to all terms of the divorce and needs an attorney to draft documents and ensure requirements are fulfilled. The other party is not represented by our office but may hire an attorney to look over the documents before they are filed. At any point, the other party may convert the divorce to a contested divorce and hire their own attorney.

How do I get started?

The first step is to talk with your partner to see if you are in agreement on the terms of the divorce. If there are major points of contention, inability to agree on child custody needs, or large assets or bills, this process would not be right for your circumstance.

If you find that you are in agreement and an uncontested or mediated divorce is right for you, call (478) 254-9154 to set up a consultation.

How is this different than services like Legal Zoom?

Unlike Legal Zoom, which merely provides forms for you to prepare documents on your own, with our firm you will be meeting with an experienced attorney who will discuss your unique circumstances and then draft and submit your paperwork to the courts. This means preparation by an attorney, no missed steps, and the confidence that comes with hiring a professional. The greatest benefit of this process to parties is that the same attorney who presents cases in court is drafting your paperwork — so if you and your partner have minor areas of uncertainty, we provide our clients with examples of typical outcomes that result from judges in our practice areas to help guide your decisions before we prepare the paperwork.

Anyone with a set of tools can try to fix a car, but you hire a mechanic for their expertise and experience. Legal Zoom and similar providers of minimal service may be an answer to those confident and knowledgeable enough to go it alone in our complicated legal system, but the best assurance of a successful outcome is to go with an expert.

Can we meet remotely?

Although there are benefits to an in-person meeting, the Deal Law Firm has the technology to host remote meetings for one or both parties, including remote signing options.

What happens if we decide we cannot agree?

If circumstances come to light that makes a non-contested divorce impossible, neither side is obligated to go forward. Either side can then choose to hire representation and file for a contested divorce.

Is the fee per person?

No. The fee is for the divorce and billed to the client. At their discretion, they can split the fee in any method they choose.

Divorce can be expensive.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, money orders, Venmo, and other forms of payment; just ask and we will likely be able to make arrangements.

What counties do you serve?

The counties we serve are highlighted on the map below. Since we are centrally located in Macon, Georgia, we can and do cover a large number of courts in and around Middle Georgia.

Map of the Georgia Counties served by Deal Law Firm, including Bibb, Houston, Peach, Crawford, Monroe, Jones, Twiggs, and others.
Deal Law Firm serves the heart of Georgia.