I had been dealing with a very complicated legal matter over a ten-year period. Over this period of time, jurisdiction was moved from one state to another state. I visited with multiple lawyers in multiple states and none of them seemed to be able to help my cause. Eventually, jurisdiction for this case moved to Georgia and I lived in another state. Not knowing any attorneys in Georgia, I took to the internet and after reading numerous reviews I settled on Laura Deal, located in Macon, Georgia.
On my first call to the Lauren’s office, the person who answered the telephone was a lady named Lee Love, who impressed me immediately with her professionalism, friendliness and full understanding of my situation. Lee set up a conference call with Lauren Deal and after that conference call, I knew Lauren was the right attorney for my case.
What I like about Lauren Deal:
1. She is a good listener, has a mind like a “steel trap” and she is no nonsense.
2. She quickly accesses your case and recommends a strategy along with corresponding tactics to remedy your case.
3. She tells you what she is going to do, when she will do it, delivers on agreed upon timelines and keeps you abreast with timely updates.
4. She ensures either she or her staff follows up on emails and telephone calls in an expeditious manner.
5. She is like a “dog on a bone” in the courtroom; you are glad she is representing you vs. the other side.
6. Lastly, Lauren is a great value lawyer, she provides a stellar ROI.
(James, September 9, 2018)