When to call the cops on your neighbors

- http://blogs.findlaw.com/blotter/2015/10/5-reasons-to-call-the-cops-on-your-neighbors.html -

In the linked article, Findlaw examines various reasons on why you might call the police on a neighbor. When your neighbors annoy you, there is a temptation to involve the police, sheriff or some other authority to resolve the dispute. For minor things, it is best to ignore them and give your neighbors a wide…


Good Dog Busts Bad Man: K-9 Sniffs Out Jared Fogle's Porn Stash

- http://blogs.findlaw.com/legally_weird/2015/08/good-dog-busts-bad-man-k-9-sniffs-out-jared-fogles-porn-stash.html -

According to the FindLaw weird news blog, Jared Fogle was brought down by a rescue dog. Trained to sniff out small electronic devices, “Bear” uncovered the evidence that law enforcement needed to force his guilty plea on child pornography charges. According to the story, without the work by Bear, Fogle would not likely be facing…