Should you call the cops on your neighbors?

Arguing Neigbors

In the linked article, Findlaw examines various reasons on why you might call the police on a neighbor.

When your neighbors annoy you, there is a temptation to involve the police, sheriff or some other authority to resolve the dispute. For minor things, it is best to ignore them and give your neighbors a wide berth, as you would hope they would do for you. Sometimes, hArguing Neigborsowever, behavior crosses the line and then you have to make a decision if police involvement is worth the possibility of escalation and harming your relationship with your neighbors.

One issue that has been a big deal in Georgia this year and especially in Macon/Bibb County is the recent legalization of fireworks. Unfortunately, the newly legalized fireworks are fairly loud and in most neighborhoods in the more urban parts of Bibb County, homes are too close for the noise and what might seem like a fun show for family and friends turns out to be unbearable to someone who turned in early.

The best preventative medicine for disputes with neighbors is to be friendly and to introduce yourself long before any trouble arises. It is a lot easier to ask a friend to turn the loud late night music down than a bunch of strangers. Also, treat your neighbors with respect and consider how your actions might be annoying to them. If what you are doing would anger you, then why are you doing it to your neighbor?