Family Law – Divorce, Child Custody, Support, and Adoption

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At Deal Law Firm, we help families and individuals navigate the legal complexities of family law. Attorney Lauren Deal believes that her first duty to her family law clients is to be a counselor at law and to listen to her clients’ legal concerns, needs, and wishes. Her second duty is to provide sound legal advice on the various strategies that can be used to achieve clients’ desired outcomes. Although she often advocates for a collaborative approach to family law issues, Lauren is not afraid to zealously defend her clients’ position in court when it becomes necessary to do so. Above all, Lauren’s representation recognizes that each client’s personal choices and beliefs are different, and it is not her role to judge but to advise.

“Family law” is a broad name that can include a wide variety of practice areas, including:

Child Custody
Child Support

Divorce, child custody, and financial support for spouses and children are three of the most commonly used areas of family law; in many cases, all of them are needed at the same time. While divorce can become one of the most stressful events in your family’s life, it doesn’t have to be. Especially for families with children, divorce can be an opportunity to create a new kind of family, and when divorcing parents can work together with their attorneys, the outcomes can benefit everyone. Even for families without children, or whose children have reached adulthood, taking a collaborative approach to divorce can bring greater satisfaction — and lower the costs of a bitter court battle.

FamilyLawBannerAs a former prosecutor, Lauren realizes that not all divorces can be managed cooperatively. Not only is she prepared to vigorously defend your parental and financial rights, but also she can help you find counseling resources for you and your children, if needed.

Modifications of child custody or financial arrangements are sometimes an unavoidable fact of life after divorce. Changes in job circumstances, marital status, and other issues can result in a need to modify an earlier divorce. However, our goal is to foresee the unforeseeable. By taking the time to get to know our clients, and by asking a broad variety of “what if” questions, we try to set forth parenting plans and financial expectations that are specific enough and flexible enough to stand the test of time.

For families who are growing or blending through adoption or guardianships, we provide the same nonjudgmental support that we give to families who are separating. Lauren believes that healthy families come in all genders, colors, shapes, sizes, and socioeconomic levels — the desire to provide a safe, happy home for a child isn’t exclusive to any one group.

Likewise, if you are the parent of a child and you are considering a legitimation, a voluntary termination of your parental rights, a guardianship, or another change in your legal relationship to the child, Deal Law Firm is available to offer legal advice and support as you make tough decisions about what is in the best interest of your child.

Families are important — and at Deal Law Firm, your family law case will receive the attention, respect, and expertise you deserve.

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